A Variety of Podcasts

Recently in class, my professor has assigned us to listen to 3 different podcasts and talk about them on our blogs. So this is it.

On a regular basis, I usually keep up with around 5 podcasts at a time so I’m going to be writing about just a few of them. One of which is The Adventure Zone, a podcast about 3 brothers and their dad playing Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a very funny dynamic this family has with each other, which is why a different podcast they make, My Brother, My Brother, and Me, is so massively successful. Throughout the podcast the party goes through an adventure with ‘seasons’ of story lines that they go through. I would consider it episodic in nature while still being almost completely improvisational. It’s massively hilarious the kinds of adventures these people come up with and it has recently become one of my favorite podcasts.

The adventure Zone

The Internet Box, on the other hand, is similar while being completely different. The show has almost no structure and follows the conversations of a changing group of entertainers. The podcast will have usually 5 people on just talking about either something big that has happened recently or some crazy story from their own lives. This podcast, now sadly finished, has a huge following and has helped launch the careers of a few well known internet entertainers like Ray Narvaez Jr. and Michael Jones.

The Internet Box

And finally, there’s Always Open where host Barbara Dunkelman takes guests through multiple viewer-submitted questions about life, love, sex, and anything in between. It’s a fairly new podcast but one that I am always excited to listen to every week. Each week there are new guests and they all come together to talk about things people usually will not.





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