Group Podcast

One of our assignments in class was to create and share a podcast. I was in a group with 5 other people and here‘s a link to what we did.

I talked about an album titled Pink Season by artist Pink Guy, and I want to go a bit more in-depth with what I was talking about. Pink Guy is a character created by popular Youtuber FilthyFrank who is, in turn, a character imagined by content creator George Miller. The premise of the character is just nonsense for comedy’s sake, and I’ll go into deeper detail about it in a different post.

Pink Season is a triumph. There are songs on this album that are complete trash (such as Uber Pussy where he just raps in a silly voice about taking an Uber out to get laid) and it STILL made it to #2 on the iTunes charts. This album, and all the other content made by the artist, just shows how the use of offensive language, imagery, and actions can be as popular as the more PC content made by others. It’s all dependent on usage.


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