Let’s Rewind

I want to talk about how much I detest the YouTube Rewind videos.

They’re all the exact same thing; let’s go through all of the channels with pretty hosts and have them dance to some walking songs that came out this year. Better yet, let’s cram so many in that you won’t even be able to recognize the people we put in it until THEY make a video talking about how they were in the YouTube Rewind!

They’re boring, stupid, and based on a concept that was created years ago with no update to the formula. (And I find it very ironic that the platform itself cannot create a decent video for it’s own service.) It’s a gathering of people who all watch and create content that is all almost exactly the same, whether it be a “reaction” channel or a vlog.

And on top of all of that, YouTube also keeps many of it’s most popular creators off of it. iDubbbzTV, h3h3productions, and TVFilthyFrank are only a few creator who all have over a million subscribers and weren’t even asked to be in the video. I speculate that it is because the nature of these shows aren’t the most “wholesome” but that is no excuse as to why they couldn’t find a place for them.

The YouTube Rewind isn’t a recap of the previous year. It’s a reminder of how exclusive the platform is to creators who meet all the same criteria as others, just in a different way.


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