The Good, The Bad, and The Filthy

Even with over 4.6 million subscribers, Filthy Frank still isn’t a household name-instead it’s more likely to be heard in the schoolyard. Frank is the living embodiment of low-brow humor and set the tone for almost all YouTube comedians to come after him.

If we’re going to talk in any regard about the internet and what on it can be considered offensive, there is no way we can look past the king of crude humor that is Tvfilthyfrank. I spoke briefly about his most recent album in the last post but I think it’s time to go a little more in depth about the man behind the cringe.

Frank is a character created by mastermind George “Joji” Miller. He is an absurd, disgusting individual with connections to many multi-dimensional deities and his own cast of characters; Safari Man, Chin-Chin, Pink Guy, and the list goes on. His content is crude yet hilarious and, not often, will conclude with a moral on how things and people should perceive the world they live in.

His channel is a play-ground for creative thinking with no limits to what can be done or said for the sake of entertainment.


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