Pewdiepie and Anti-Semitism…?

Earlier this year YouTube star Pewdiepie was let go from his contract with Disney’s Maker Studios for anti-Semitic comments in one of his videos. I understand why Disney cut ties with him after the fact, it was a joke that had gone a little racier than usual and Disney has a brand to uphold. But the fact that the media, especially the Wallstreet Journal latched onto the story by attacking Kjellberg and calling him a racist, anti-Semite over their news feeds is ridiculous.

The video in question has since been removed, either by Pewdiepie or YouTube, but here is a link to the important part that I found online. In the clip it shows Pewdiepie requesting a sign to be held by a couple of men and the sign reads ‘death to all jews’. The content was insensitive, but let’s put that into context. This was a clear joke. The look on Pewdiepie’s face when they actually unveil the banner and dance around with it is proof enough.

The style of comedy that Pewdiepie portrays in his videos is not that of an angel’s. He, and hundreds of other content creators on YouTube, have a very raunchy sense of humor that while saying these things ridicules those who actually believe this way. But because this video led to Disney dropping the star, the Wall Street Journal latched onto it like vultures to a week old raccoon simply because of his popularity so that they could boost their numbers.

Context is key, but you don’t need a key when you have a sledgehammer.


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