Where’s the Cash?

In recent months, the legitimacy of Youtube’s advertisement system has been called into question by many advertisers when there were ads being run on videos of hate speech. With this conflict, there has been cause for many companies-including Wal-mart, Starbucks, and Pepsi- to pull their ads from the site entirely, causing a loss in profits for creators.

Comedian Ethan Klein spoke about this in a video on his channel, h3h3productions and how it is forcing him and his wife Hila to move their focus from their higher production show, that they put weeks of work into, over to their vlog channel because that is the only place that they can actually make any money.

YouTube has been forced to move advertisements to videos that can’t be labelled ‘offensive’ just because they can’t single out extremists. What this means is that many content creators will be forced to move to other platforms and the site will turn into content that nobody wants to watch.


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